Benross Range 2016

Benross DriverHTX Type R Driver - The new Benross HTX Type R driver is the most advanced driver Benross have ever made. The crown technology moves the centre of gravity further forward and lower in the clubhead, this results in a lower launching ball flight and a lower spin rate. The new HTX Type R driver is also fitted with a Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage shaft, the same shafts you would expect in the latest Callaway and TaylorMade drivers. This new driver is a true indication of the commitment Benross have for providing an excellent adjustable driver at an affordable price at just £179.95.

HTX DriverHTX Driver/HTX Gold Driver - The HTX driver from Benross delivers maximum forgiveness and a higher launch. The centre of gravity is moved lower and further back in the clubhead and therefore helps to increase your launch angle at impact. A higher launch and a more forgiving trajectory helps to provide more carry on the ball and as a result greater distance is produced. Very similar to the Type R driver the driver is fitted with a top quality Mitsubishi Rayon shaft which gives the driver unmatched value for money.

This driver is also available in the "Gold Range" this is also known as the "light" range. The HTX gold driver has all the benefits as an ordinary HTX driver however it's fitted with a lighter shaft, this helps to create a faster clubhead speed and greater distance of the tee.

HTX FairwayHTX Fairway - The HTX fairways are incredibly forgiving with a tour looking finish. The clubface itself has been heat treated to create a high flex off the face increasing ball speed and distance. The speed channel which you can see on the crown of the clubface also helps to create a powerful feeling. The two piece crown weld construction helps to gain consistent performance from any type of lie you are faced with.

HTX HybridHTX Hybrid - The Benross hybrids now feature the CT response channel, this brings driver like performance to the hybrids for powerful feedback. Hybrids are a great club to use almost anywhere on the golf course and it's a perfect club to replace your longer irons which are slightly less forgiving out of the rough. The HTX hybrid has an extremely forgiving clubface which means tight lies and off centre hits are no longer an issue.

HTX IronsHTX Irons - Similar to the woods the irons feature a heat treated face technology which results in extraordinary ball speeds, even on mishits. The top line of the irons are appealing to the eye even with these irons in the game improvement category. Benross have gone away from a brushed finish and believe their new chrome finish helps the shorter irons look more playable. KBS 90 shafts are the stock option for the HTX, however there are numerous options available for the irons with our speed fit custom fitting cart.

For more information on the new Benross equipment or to book a fitting please call 01749 679059 or click here to get in touch.

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